Import Managed Services Program

Eliminating your day-to-day compliance headaches

You Select the Services. We Design Your Program.

Managing and supporting import compliance operations presents daily challenges, which, if ignored, often result in delayed shipments, reduced profit margins and unhappy customers.

Vigilant is here to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Our Import Managed Services Program was developed with flexibility and your business’s unique needs in mind. We’ll help you design the program that encompasses only the elements your company necessitates, including, but not limited to any of the following:

With the help of Vigilant’s import compliance program, you’ll enjoy the assistance of dedicated compliance professionals and best-in-class global trade management technology, both of which come together to reduce your day-to-day headaches, improve operational efficiencies and increase profitability.


Vigilant’s Import Compliance Services Protect Global Companies

When it comes to global trade compliance, it’s imperative to have a comprehensive and sustainable compliance program in place to mitigate risks. This isn’t a task that should be left to just anyone to implement or manage. You need seasoned compliance experts specializing in implementing and supporting import trade compliance programs.

As an importer, you’re governed by everchanging global regulations. If you mismanage — or worse, simply ignore — your obligations, you’re exposing your company to expensive penalties and fines, should something go awry.

Vigilant’s team is here to offer you a compliance safety net in the form of import compliance services, designed to hone in on the moving target we know as regulatory compliance.

We’ll help you understand the current state of your compliance program, address any challenges and stay vigilant by providing you with:

  • Experts to identify compliance program gaps, risks and challenges
  • The framework to develop or improve your compliance program
  • On-going compliance by assigning dedicated teams with industry specific expertise to manage your program.


Vigilant Provides Companywide Value

While the bottom line is essential for all companies, importers’ balance sheets are particularly susceptible to hits — especially in concerns of compliance issues. Moreover, the impact of compliance related headaches can have companywide implications.

Vigilant focuses on helping our clients:

  • Proactively maintain compliance and reduce risk.
  • Mitigate disruptions to operations and focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Create greater operational efficiencies and increase the velocity of supply chains.

If there’s an import complication that can affect your bottom line, your import experts are there to resolve the issue before it even begins.


Common Trade Compliance Misconceptions

A comprehensive trade compliance program is one of the most important insurance policies you can give your company. Unfortunately, many businesses think compliance is a necessary evil, they won’t get caught or they underestimate the effort and expertise required to maintain their compliance protocols.

Here are a few common misconceptions about managing trade compliance programs we’ve encountered over the years:

We need to keep trade compliance in house. Fewer companies are choosing to keep trade compliance operations entirely in house believing it is the best or only way to maintain compliance. Managed services are quickly becoming a vital component of trade compliance programs as multinational companies are being forced to reduce staffing budgets and limit technology spending while expanding the reach of their trade compliance programs. Moreover, a majority of multinational companies lack the technology and bandwidth necessary to protect their companies, minimize disruptions to supply chain, and meet customer demand while remaining compliant. While there are certainly elements of a compliance program that should always be handled by an internal team, partnering with a qualified Managed Services provider will mitigate risk, increase compliance, create operational efficiencies, realize potential savings, and improve bottom line profits.

Managed services is more expensive than hiring a person. Given the shortage of qualified compliance resources, hiring internal resources for your trade compliance operation is become harder every day. Moreover, finding the right fit based on trade and industry expertise is feat in and of itself; bringing geography into the equation makes hiring the right candidate almost impossible. Once you find and hire the right person, you still have training and on-going education costs. To complicate matters, if your new employee is sick or on vacation, you lose your bandwidth and expertise. Partnering with Vigilant will eliminate the hiring process while providing a team of experts rather than an employee. A Managed Services Program provides day-to-day, as well as, un-planned or forecasted demand support to maintain compliance.

Our broker already has everything handled. Your broker is a helpful conduit to help you navigate the needs of Customs, but 19 USC 1484 dictates you’re still the legally responsible entity of your imports and exports. Many companies unknowingly have a “fox” watching over their “hen house”. If you are working with a freight forwarder, 3PL or other partner to support your logistics requirements, you may also be paying them for “compliance” services that are not keeping you compliant. Freight forwarders and brokers specialize in moving goods from point A to point B; not navigating through the complexities of global trade compliance. You can’t blame your broker if something goes wrong.

How to Up Your Compliance Ante

If you’re ready to eliminate your day-to-day compliance headaches and start planning for the healthy future of your company, you’re ready to get started with Vigilant.

Reach out to us and let us know what your biggest compliance headaches are. Our import compliance software and services here to help with solutions that’ll make you wish you’d contacted us a lot sooner!

Vigilant will collaborate with you to design an Import Managed Services Program that incorporates dedicated compliance professionals and technology to reduce your day-to-day headaches, improve operational efficiencies and increase profitability.