Logistics & Supply Chain Managed Services Program

Eliminating your day-to-day compliance headaches

You Select the Solutions, We Design Your Supply Chain Managed Services Program

Ensuring logistics and supply chain compliance while managing logistics, supply chain and operations offers an additional level of complexity since the lines of responsibility for compliance are often blurred within companies. The daily challenges of keeping up with critical operational functions often leads to “relaxed” compliance which can slow down your supply chain, delay shipments and negatively impact your bottom line. Even worse, you could be at greater risk of future fines and penalties for lack of compliance. That is why Vigilant developed its Logistics & Supply Chain Managed Services Program which can include any and all of the following solutions:

  • Data Entry & Cleansing; Item Master Management
  • Broker, Freight Forwarder, Logistics Management
  • Miscellaneous Shipments; Screening & Classification
Vigilant will collaborate with you to design a Logistics & Supply Chain Managed Services Program that incorporates dedicated compliance professionals and technology to reduce your day-to-day headaches, improve operational efficiencies and increase profitability.