• When is the last time you tested your compliance processes and technology?

  • When was the last time you reviewed your compliance processes and procedures?

  • Is your global trade management solution configured to reflect current processes and procedures?

Many companies struggle to understand when or how to realize savings from Free Trade Agreement (FTA) programs. Other companies that have implemented FTA programs, fail to realize the effort required to manage a FTA Program with country of origin product requirements and recordkeeping. As a result, they do not realize the full benefit of FTA program savings or even worse, can be subjected to future fines or penalties. That is why Vigilant developed…


Compliance Program Optimization Solution

We combine leading compliance solutions and industry specific expertise with knowledge from supporting clients in optimizing your trade compliance processes. We begin by assessing the current state of your compliance program from process and technology perspectives. Next, we balance companywide viewpoints which are impacted by compliance with bottom line results. We work with you to define your desired state and implement your specific roadmap to deliver full compliance optimization.

Compliance Optimization Methodology

Compliance Baseline

We begin by learning your compliance, business and industry requirements, as well as, your goals and objectives. Equally important, we identify your risk tolerance, in-house expertise and companywide viewpoint of compliance to establish your baseline.

Health Assessment

We assess the current state of your global compliance program from a process and technology perspective. We audit and test your program to identify gaps, risks, challenges and opportunities for operational improvements.


Based upon our findings in your health assessment, we collaborate with you to develop an improvement plan for missing and incomplete processes. In addition, we work with you to develop a technology roadmap to reflect the re-configuration of your current technology or need for new technology to support proposed changes in your compliance program.


Once you have approved your improvement plan and technology roadmap, Vigilant collaborates with you to develop and implement missing or outdated processes and procedures. We oversee the reconfiguration of your technology platform, provide data cleansing, user acceptance testing or training. Vigilant will test your compliance program to ensure optimization.

Whether you are looking to enhance or improve the R.O.I. on your compliance program, let Vigilant help.