• Do you have a comprehensive AML or watch list screening program?

  • Are your potential matches or false positive matches rates too high?

  • Do you have enough bandwidth to clear or resolve potential matches?

  • Are you performing compliance activities with operational resources that lack education and training?

Financial Compliance & AML Screening Solution

Many Financial Services firms struggle to understand screening requirements and to define the scope of their screening program. It is a challenge to identify which lists should be screened against, optimize your potential hit rate (“blocks”) and keep up with the demands of clearing and resolving data in real-time.

We combine experienced analysts, our proven tiered review methodology and technology to mitigate the risks Banks, Insurance Companies and other Financial Services firms are facing from increasing sanctions and ever-changing government regulations. Our trade finance compliance services help you screen and identify customers, partners and counterparties who could be engaged in unlawful financial activities, associated with sanctioned parties, embargoed countries or politically exposed persons (PEPs) to keep you compliant.

The Vigilant Difference

We specifically designed our solution for the financial services industry to provide the following benefits to Financial Service Companies:
Client Specific Design

Prior to commencing any AML sanctions screening for global trade finance compliance, Vigilant confirms your risk tolerance, approved processes and specific screening requirements. We are technology agnostic, so we can leverage your screening tool or one from our partners. We build teams to meet your required hours of coverage (up to 24×7) and required service level (clearing potential matches within 1 hour).

Enhanced Compliance & Oversight

As an independent 3rd party, we provide an added measure of security by focusing on compliance and adhering to your policies without being influenced by operations, the size of a transaction or potential client. We balance operational objectives and risk mitigation to manage your screening program which includes screening transactions, politically exposed persons (PEP) screening, leveraging adverse media and enforcement data.

Improved Operational Efficiency & Savings

We help you achieve the optimal level of potential matches, so you do not waste money clearing unnecessary potential matches. We optimize and fine-tune your PEP and sanctions screening technology to mitigate risk while delivering a cost-effective screening program.

Scalable & Global Support

Vigilant’s flexible staffing model includes remote teams in the U.S., as well as, teams working from our secure offices in Europe and Asia. As your volumes unexpectedly increase, we can readily scale to meet your deadlines. We offer a “follow the sun” staffing model to provide 24×7 coverage or support any defined work day. We leverage our office in Budapest to provide support for Europe while adhering to European Data & Privacy regulations. Our office in the Philippines allows Vigilant to provide support for all of Asia and backup for your program.

Whether you are looking to permanently outsource PEP/sanctions screening, clearing and the resolution of potential matches or improve the ROI on your program, let Vigilant help.