• Do you currently have free trade programs in place, but no staff, bandwidth or expertise to manage your programs?

  • Do you wish you had time to implement cost saving programs?

  • Are you realizing the cost savings from Free Trade programs?

Free Trade Agreement Solutions

Are you looking for more information about free trade agreement solutions? You’re not alone. Many companies struggle to understand when or how to realize savings from Free Trade Agreement (FTA) programs. Other companies that have implemented FTA programs fail to realize the effort required to manage them. As a result, they do not receive the full benefit of FTA program savings or even worse, may be subjected to future fines or penalties. That is why Vigilant developed…


FTA Qualification, Solicitation & Verification Solution

Do you need FTA origin verification or FTA signature verification? Vigilant combines experienced analysts with FTA technology to streamline product qualifications and vendor solicitations in support of your FTA program. We focus on maximizing the value you derive from your current FTA program while assessing the value of leveraging other FTAs.

The Vigilant Difference

Maximizing FTA Savings

We collaborate with your team to provide both FTA qualification and FTA verification. We also help you identify other FTAs in which you can qualify your products for additional savings. As part of our standard practice, we analyze your bills of material, confirm costs and country of origin to establish eligibility of your products for FTAs.

Client Specific Design

Looking for FTA solutions? Prior to commencing any work, Vigilant confirms your specific process for product qualification, vendor solicitation and FTA program management. In the absence of defined processes, we collaborate with you to establish processes to qualify your products, solicit vendors and manage your FTA program.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Combining experienced specialists with FTA technology allows Vigilant to perform product qualifications and vendor solicitation in a shorter timeframe. By assigning a team of dedicated specialists and a manager for the duration of your project or in support of your managed services program, we mitigate disruptions to your operations, increase efficiency and reduce costs to support your FTA program.

Quality, Transparency & Audit Trail

We configure our FTA technology with your specific FTA program requirements to perform, store and record all FTA work and related documents. We provide worldwide classifications with an audit trail, so that you can always verify the quality of your classifications and FTA work. By leveraging technology to qualify your products, solicit vendors, track communications and store all of your documentation for record keeping, we deliver a truly transparent experience.

Whether you are investigating the benefits of FTA programs, looking to maximize savings or need support to ensure compliance with your FTA program, let Vigilant help.