• Do you struggle to quantify the value of your compliance program? Are you tired of getting blamed for missed shipments or slow response time?

  • Do you want to provide global compliance support, but lack global expertise?

  • Is your compliance program understaffed to handle compliance support requests?

Most compliance related support requests require contributions from both internal and external parties, so it is a challenge to track, communicate, escalate and complete requests for support. Even worse, most companies struggle to provide compliance support when it is needed most, compromising revenue. Unfortunately, “compliance” is often wrongfully blamed for missed shipments or delays in projects when the fault lies with internal or external resources failing to provide critical information in a timely manner. That is why Vigilant developed…


Help Desk & Support Solution

We combine compliance expertise and technology to simplify your ability to submit, track, prioritize, process and escalate requests for support until resolution. We remove obstacles to completing support requests while proactively identifying areas for operational improvements. We capture and analyze key performance indicators to quantify the value of compliance within your company.

The Vigilant Difference

Transparency & Visibility

We convert all incoming requests for support into tickets and provide all associated parties visibility until resolved to the satisfaction of the requestor. We remove obstacles and provide transparency by capturing all communications with internal and external parties. We remove obstacles and finger pointing to resolve tickets in the shortest possible timeframe. We create custom statuses tailored to your workflow, so you can easily identify progress until resolution.

Seamless Accountability

We act as a seamless extension of your team and set up rules when every ticket needs to be replied to and solved, so our experts are clear on your deadlines. We share ownership of tickets with associated parties without losing visibility into progress being made on the issue. We measure and track our performance, so you can hold us accountable to meet your service level agreement.

Continuous Improvement

We capture all ticket related data in our knowledge database which enables Vigilant to proactively identify areas where education, training or automation would improve your operations. We link related tickets together to keep track of widespread issues, identify trends and deliver consistent responses.

Quantifying the Value of Compliance

We identify which internal and external parties require the most support to quantify the value and the biggest beneficiaries of your compliance program. We freeze SLA timers when a ticket has certain statuses such as “waiting for engineering input”, so that compliance is not penalized while they wait on other departments, customers or partners

Whether you are looking for compliance help desk support or reducing the time to resolve support requests, let Vigilant help.