Many companies struggle to find budget for compliance technology. Trying to ensure compliance with spreadsheets and “tribal knowledge” is a recipe for disaster. Almost as frustrating for any company is having to wait years to configure, implement and leverage an automated GTM solution. That is why Vigilant developed…


Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) Solution

Vigilant understands that ensuring our clients’ compliance requires transparency, accountability and our ability to provide an audit trail which can only be achieved by leveraging technology. That is why we have partnered with many of the leading compliance technology companies to include their tools as part of our solutions and managed services programs for zero capital investment or ongoing cost.

The Vigilant Difference

Compliance automation tools are necessary to mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies, enhance supply chain visibility and communicate globally. Technology enables Vigilant to collect your key performance indicators which are then analyzed to continuously improve your compliance program. We offer technology configured to your specific requirements with the following solutions:
Worldwide Classification Solution

We configure classification technology with your specific requirements to perform, store and audit all of your classifications. In addition, we maintain and provide access to your classifications in multiple languages, as well as, deliver your data in any specified format for easy migration to any of your internal systems.

Screening, Clearing & Resolution Solution

We configure screening technology to reflect your risk tolerance, approved processes and specific screening requirements. In addition, we cost effectively review, clear and resolve potential matches stemming from screening against your transactions, business partners, clients, visitors, prospects or employees.

Help Desk & Support Solution

We configure help desk technology to simplify your ability to submit, track, prioritize, process and escalate requests for support until resolution. In addition, we remove obstacles and provide transparency by capturing all of your communications with internal and external parties. Lastly, we capture and analyze key performance indicators to help you quantify the value of compliance within your company.

FTA Qualification, Solicitation & Verification Solution

We configure FTA technology with your specific FTA(s) program requirements to perform, store and record all FTA work and related documents. By leveraging technology to qualify your products for FTA programs, solicit vendors, track communications and store all of your documentation for record keeping, we maximize your FTA savings.

Broker, Freight Forwarder & Logistics Management Solution

Vigilant leverages technology to perform all compliance related activities, including broker, freight forwarder and logistics management. By leveraging technology, we identify cost savings, improve supply chain visibility and mitigate disruptions to your operations while keeping you compliant.

Pre-Post M&A Support: Compliance Bridge

We offer access to screening and classification technologies to support your new acquisitions. We provide a platform for you to monitor and audit compliance related activities of your latest acquisition.

Financial Compliance & AML Screening Solution

We configure screening technology to reflect your risk tolerance, approved processes and specific screening requirements for the Financial Services industry. We optimize and fine-tune your screening technology to mitigate risk while delivering a cost-effective screening program.

Whether you want access to best-in-class compliance technology without capital investment, a bridge until you implement a GTM solution or alternatives to mitigate your risk while ensuring compliance, let Vigilant help.