• Are you struggling with selecting the right tools to automate?

  • Are you stuck in a bad implementation?

  • Does your global trade management solution reflect your current compliance processes and procedures?

Global Trade Management Software

Trade management software is an essential part of solid supply chain logistics. It serves as a solution that helps:

  • Mitigate risks
  • Ensure compliance
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Drive fluid communications
  • Optimize inventory management

After all, import and export administration is far from easy. It only makes sense to take advantage of the global trade management software tools that technology affords today’s businesses.

Unfortunately, selecting the right trade compliance software isn’t always easy. The process can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. You’ll likely weed through several global import/export management software vendors in hopes of discovering what sets each supplier apart from the others.

Once you’ve settled on a decision, your next hurdle will be the implementation stage — a phase through which many companies struggle as they deal with failed support systems or discover a lack of functionality within their chosen system. Even worse, many of these projects are delivered late and over-budget.

Fortunately, you’ve found Vigilant. Our approach to global trade compliance software is a cut above the rest because we’re here to provide industry expertise and help our clients find trade compliance automation options that go above and beyond the off-the-shelf solutions.


Vigilant’s Trade Compliance Automation

We combine our proficiency in compliance with industry-specific expertise and the type of knowledge that can only be obtained by implementing cutting-edge trade management software. We support the delivery of tools that are tailored to your unique requirements. Upon the successful transition from implementation into a live production environment, Vigilant is here to provide ongoing managed services to help you handle regulatory obligations and mitigate disruptions to your operations.

Flexibility to Support Any Stage of Automation

Assessment, Selection or Preparation

We offer automation-readiness assessments, business-case justifications and RFP assistance to protect your investment in global trade compliance software. We are technology-agnostic, meaning we focus on what best fits your company’s requirements. We minimize distractions from global trade management software vendors throughout the selection process and bring you software in a technology-as-a-service arrangement. That means minimizing your upfront capital investment and freeing up time in managing the software.

Configuration & Implementation

We help find the right partner to configure and implement your trade management software so you can keep up with day-to-day operational activities without delaying the launch of your software. Vigilant’s experts serve as liaisons between your implementation team and solution provider, holding everyone accountable and providing transparency throughout the project.

Planning & Development

Once you’ve selected your preferred trade compliance automation partner, Vigilant will help you plan for a successful implementation, thereby increasing the likelihood that everything will be delivered on time and within budget. We provide compliance process development and solution blueprinting from the perspective of an end user who’s leveraging your platform.

Go-Live Support

Transitioning from testing to a live production environment can have disastrous consequences if not handled correctly. Vigilant supports end-user acceptance testing to ensure the reliability of your global trade compliance software. Our role as your trade compliance automation experts is to:

  • Resolve potential issues that arise during testing
  • Validate Harmonized System classification coding
  • Provide ongoing support for your team
On-Going Support

A correctly implemented global trade management software solution can generate volumes of unexpected or additional data that might require immediate action. Many companies lack the bandwidth and in-house expertise to process data in real time without compromising their ability to remain compliant or profitable. Vigilant’s managed services enable you to bridge any gaps with guidance from our import/export specialists.

Our global trade software process has helped importers and exporters everywhere gain efficiency and a better handle on inventory management, compliance and regulatory issues.

Reach out to our team when you’re ready to reap the benefits of an outstanding trade compliance program.

Whether you are assessing, selecting, implementing or need to improve your current technology platform, let Vigilant help.