• Do you lack the time or resources to keep up with worldwide product classifications?

  • Are your products and materials accurately classified and stored in a central location with supporting documentation?

  • When was the last you validated or reviewed your classifications for worldwide consistency?

HTS Classification

The differences between product classifications that are researched and accurately supported — versus those to which codes are simply assigned in hopes that they come close to being correct — may not be readily apparent on the surface.

Regardless, distinctions are important. In fact, misclassified products may be costing your company millions of dollars — not to mention, creating vulnerabilities that could result in substantial fines and penalties if you’re found to be noncompliant with regulatory trade requirements.

The risks associated with not adhering to correct harmonized tariff classification aren’t worth any potential reward. Fortunately, you’ve found Vigilant. Our team of import/export classification experts is here to ensure your traded goods are coded accurately, whether they’re shipped domestically or globally. We’re adept at all variations of import/export documentation, including the following:

HTS Classification: Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) classification is a 10-digit code that’s administered by the International Trade Commission (ITC). If you import goods into the United States, your shipments are governed by the HTS classification.

HS Classification: Harmonized System (HS) classification is characterized by internationally recognized six-digit codes, which are used by customs officials to determine appropriate duty and tax rates.

ECCN Classification: Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs) are five-character alpha-numeric designations used by the Department of Commerce to determine if exported goods require an export license.

Worldwide Product Classification Solution

We combine experienced, licensed specialists who are skilled in the requirements applicable for your specific industry with best-in-class import/export classification technology. We pride ourselves in producing harmonized tariff classification results that are:

  • Well-documented
  • Properly supported
  • Cost-effective
  • Backed by high-quality customer service

Proven, Validated, Transparent, Quality and Cost Effective Classifications

Client Specific Design

Prior to commencing any classification work, Vigilant confirms your business, industry and compliance requirements. Next, we review your approved policies and procedures to ensure our work product meets your quality standards. Finally, we configure our classification technology with your specific requirements to perform, store and audit all of your classifications.

Improved Operational Efficiency & Savings

Combining experienced import/export classification specialists with top-of-the-line technology allows Vigilant to deliver a high volume of classifications in a shorter timeframe without compromising quality. By assigning a team of dedicated specialists, including a manager, for the duration of your project or managed services program, we mitigate disruptions to your operations, increase efficiency and reduce your costs.

Scalable & Qualified Expertise

Vigilant qualifies each of our import/export specialists based upon their industry and classification expertise. As your business volume increases, we can adjust the number of specialists to meet your needs. By leveraging a remote team of specialists in the U.S., Europe and Asia, we can effectively deliver outstanding results, regardless of the size of the project.

Quality, Transparency & Audit Trail

Vigilant provides proper import/export documentation to record which standards were taken into account for every classification. We provide an audit trail so that you can always verify or review the quality of your classifications. By leveraging technology to perform, record, and store all of your import/export classifications and relevant documentation, we deliver a truly transparent experience.

Whether you need an ECCN classification tool, an HTS classification tool or something else, all of our solutions are available on a project basis or as a managed service.