Vigilant’s Trade Compliance Program Optimization Solution

Many companies struggle to implement and maintain an optimized trade compliance program. Other companies that have implemented compliance programs, fail to realize the effort required to manage a compliance program. As a result, their program fails to mitigate risk and ensure compliance. Even worse, some poorly implemented and managed programs create delays in revenue and unhappy customers. That is why Vigilant developed our Compliance Optimization Solution.

We combine trade compliance and industry specific expertise with knowledge from supporting clients that leverage most of the leading global trade management solutions to optimize trade compliance programs. The Compliance Optimization Solution has been designed to enable our clients to identify compliance related risks and gaps, as well as, opportunities to mitigate disruptions to operations that can occur in the absence of well-established policies and procedures.

We will begin by understanding and documenting your compliance risk tolerance, in-house expertise and company wide viewpoints towards imports and exports to establish a Compliance Baseline. Next, we assess the current state of your trade compliance program from both business process and technology perspectives as part of our clients Health AssessmentsWe will provide a summary report which includes an assessment of your current compliance program’s gaps, risks, challenges and opportunities for operational improvements.

The last two phases of the Compliance Optimization Solution include the Roadmap & Optimization.


Based on the Trade Compliance Roadmap Workshops, we collaborate with you to develop a plan for implementing the proper Policies and Processes. In addition, we work with you to develop a technology roadmap to reflect your current technology or need for new technology to support any possible proposed changes in your compliance program.


Once you have approved your improvement plan and technology roadmap, Vigilant collaborates with you to develop and implement missing or outdated processes and procedures. We oversee the reconfiguration of your technology platform, provide data cleansing, user acceptance testing or training. Vigilant will test your compliance program to ensure optimization.

Let’s Build Your Trade Puzzle Together

If you are struggling with implementing and maintaining an optimized trade compliance program and are looking to mitigate your risk and ensure compliance then look no further. Let Vigilant’s Trade Compliance Program Optimization Solution uncover all the mysteries regarding What You Don’t Know About Your Trade Program.