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Vigilant Global Trade Services is your global trade advisory partner, providing peace of mind and turn-key solutions for every aspect of global trade management. Whether you are looking for comprehensive international trade solutions or simply need a reliable foreign trade consultant that can help resolve your most difficult or unforeseen import/export issues, we are here to eliminate your day-to-day compliance headaches.

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At Vigilant, We Help You Solve the Complex Compliance Puzzle

Address your areas of vulnerability, compliance gaps and risks.
Ensure your ongoing compliance by leveraging experienced compliance professionals.
Reduce your overhead, staffing, continuing education and training costs.
Improve your visibility throughout the supply chain and mitigate disruptions to operations.
Maximize your operational efficiencies, cash-flow and on-time deliveries.
Eliminate your concerns over volume spikes or bandwidth to support urgent projects.

And best of all, we eliminate your day-to-day compliance headaches!

We offer a wide range of global trade services to meet your specific compliance and trade management requirements. Whether you are a Fortune 500 corporation, small, or medium sized business, you can rely on our tools, systems and expertise to save you time, avoid expense and mitigate disruptions to operations.


Whether you need assistance addressing areas of vulnerability; delivering a compliance-related project such as worldwide classifications or screening business partners and transactions; global trade advisory for conducting business in a new market; or technology to enable more efficient global trade management, Vigilant can help.


Collaborate with Vigilant to design a Managed Services Program tailored to your specific business objectives, compliance requirements and risk tolerance. Whether you need day-to-day support of import, export, supply chain, logistics or financial compliance-related activities, Vigilant has the global trade solutions you need.

What is Your Biggest Compliance Related Headache?

Import Compliance Solutions

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Export Compliance Solutions

Do you lack the bandwidth to clear potential sanctioned party hits or have headaches from supporting your daily export operations? Learn More

Logistics/Supply Chain Solutions

Do you have the time to audit your logistics partners or mitigate compliance related disruptions to your supply chain? Learn More

Financial Compliance: Anti-Money Laundering/Transaction Surveillance Solutions

Do you have the bandwidth to onboard and properly assess the risk of new clients while continually screening clients, business partners and transactions? Learn More

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